Different Construction Methods

The building process that you settle on has an impact on other factors e.g. the speed of the construction work, energy efficiency and the total cost of the construction work. The construction methods in the market are endless, and the process that you will settle on is dependent on the planning, the time frame and the money that you have. Below is a guide to assist in any builders in knowing which construction work to choose from;

Block and brick


Brick and block entail, the outer layer having a brick and the inner layer having a concrete block. The space that is created by the building method that is in between the two layers is then filled for insulative purposes with your preferred material. This makes the bricks and block method a useful method for building ensuring that we have safe homes which have solid walls, that are sufficiently insulated, and homes that are sound proof. Brick and block is also a method that promotes air tightness in the home.

However, the brick and block method is a very slow building process compared to other building methods. It is also an ancient way of building whereby no much expertise is required on a construction site.

Timber frame

The wood frame construction method is a quicker building method than the brick and block process. The timber frame method is a superstructure that supports self-building at home. The timber frame method is suitable for self-builders who have open plan building designs. The timber frame method is then divided into two approaches; closed and open panel systems.

Open Panels systems;

It involves a softwood stud frame which is layered by sheeted timber. The groups are generated depending on the specifications of the house designs. Then after the process of being created the wood is then fit into the house and fixed together to form the house structure.

Closed Panel systems;

The closed panel system is similar to the open group however further to what happens in the open panel system Is that the final panel we have vapor barriers included and plasterboard put in the frame to close the panel.

Structural insulated panels


Structural insulated panels are one of the most energy efficient and profitable methods for anyone who is self-building. The board is made through putting in layers a rigid insulating material in between the outer boards. Many forms of materials can be used for the structural insulated panels one of them being; oriented strand board with an expanded polystyrene.


General Information About Home Removals in Nottingham

Individuals who would like to shift from one location to another are recommended hiring or settling for a home removals firm which can be trusted. A reliable home removals company in Nottingham is the one a house owner has all the information regarding it and its services being rendered. Currently, there are over a million kinds of home removals agencies in the market and choosing the best one in the market is not an easy task. The Removals across Nottingham are done on almost a daily basis. Here are some of the tips which will enable the house owner to choose the best home removals firm in the market;

Removal companies in Nottingham

Reputation of the company

hgghghghghghgChecking the reputation of the house removals company is one of the essential tips to be considered in the first place. Time and money are usually saved when hiring a moving agency with an excellent reputation. The great rates charged is determined the reputation of the company.  One is advised to ask fundamental questions which will aid in knowing the all the details relating to the moving firm of choice and helps one to prepare well during the moving day.

Years in the moving business

The experience of house removals firm is an essential factor for a person to consider since a track record will be displayed in their ability to deliver each and every time called upon.


The house removals agency which a person is settling on should have a license proving their business is legal. The license should be valid whereby its validity can be checked in the database of department or ministry of transport. A state license will be required when an individual’s household items are shifted within the environs of the state where one is living.

Company’s insurance

The website which a person can check the validity of the license can also be used to check if the moving agency hired is insured. It is recommended for an individual not to choose a house removal firm without an insurance cover. One should also check if his or her personal belongings are insured during the moving process under the renters or homeowners policy. Supplemental moving insurance may be considered if the renters or homeowners insurance policy is not offered.

Online reviews

ggfggfgfgfgfThe reviews of the house removals firm can be checked on the online platform with Better Business Bureau. It can also be looked at social sites such as CitySearch, TrustLink and Yelp. From the reviews, a person will able to know other people’s experience with a particular company.