How To Choose Kasho Hairdressing Scissors


There are different types of hairdressing scissors that you need to know. Some modern features differentiate these different types of scissors. Some of the standard features include style, length, and color. However, every hairdresser needs hairdressing scissors in their work.

But it can be challenging in choosing the best hairdressing scissors if you do not know some of the features to consider. You are also required to know how to handle and maintain your scissors. These, therefore, are the primary concerns that are recommended when you have decided to choose your Kasho scissors.

It is important to know that the Kasho scissors need to be taken care of. You are also required to identify the various measures to consider. Therefore, before you make any decision, ensure that you have a knowhow on how to maintain your scissors. As a hairdresser, you are supposed to know some of the measures to consider after using your scissors. Drying of scissors is recommended after cleaning. Below are the important tips on choosing the best Kasho scissors.

The handle

22,mnfljThis is one of the crucial features you are recommended to look for when choosing the best Kasho hairdressing scissors. There are different types of scissors with different kinds of handles. That is why it is recommended that you determine the type of scissors you want before making any decision. Therefore, you also need to know why ad what you this scissors for. If you are cutting against your skin, then it is recommended that you consider the offset handle. Choose the hairdressing scissors with the offset handle.

The blade

This is another essential aspect you are supposed to remember always when looking for the best Kasho hairdressing scissors. Therefore, before making any decision, you need to understand the various types of blades. But there are only two kinds of scissors blades available. The first type of these blades is straight and flat. Consider these features when choosing your Kasho scissors.

Convex blades

These are other types of blades that are entirely different from the others. They have got a curve on the blade. They are mainly made of two metal pieces. They are more considered than the European scissors because they are only made within a day. With the convex blade, you can cut crisp as well as slice cut as well. That is why it is recommended to know the type of blade you want before making any quick decision.

The price

33jgrjIt is important to purchase an item or a product that you will feel comfortable with. But before you make your choice, you need to know the exact price of the Kasho scissors you are interested in. Ensure that you visit more than two stores in your region to know the exact price range of this type of hairdressing scissors. Consider purchasing it at an affordable price.


Before making any decision, keep in mind that you are about to choose an item that you will be using for a long time. The durability of your scissors will be achieved if you follow the guidelines correctly.